Low Porosity Hair DO & DON’T

Low Porosity Hair DO & DON’T

Faster hair growth and how to moisturize dry low porosity natural hair is a matter of do and don’t in your hair care routine. The following tips will protect your hair from breakage, frizzy, thinning and shedding especially if you have low porosity fine thin hair.

Use Warm Water when cleansing your hair at the beginning of wash day.

Warm water should be used when cleansing your hair at the beginning of wash day. This is because warm water allows the cuticles of the hair, and pores on the scalp to open up to help remove any dirt, residue or buildup from the scalp and hair. This is similar to washing your face with warm water, as the warm water opens up the pores to remove any oil and dirt. However, cons to warm water is that it does create frizz and makes the hair dry, so warm water should ideally just be used when cleansing the hair.

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Use Plastic Cap to moisturize dry hair

The shower cap will keep the oil from dripping down your face and neck. Additionally, it will keep the oil or conditioner warm and slow it’s drying time by capturing the heat from your head.

You can use a regular shower cap or a disposable single-use shower cap.

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Products Application

Product application depends on how porous and coarse your hair is. The more porous it is, the drier your hair can be when your apply product. The less porous it is, the better products will work when applied to wet hair. The opposite is true for how coarse your hair is. If your curls are very coarse, apply products to wet hair. If your hair is fine, apply products to damp hair.

Do This For Faster Hair Growth

Ingredients to avoid & when to use them

Be careful when using these three ingredients:

  1. Proteins
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Aloe vera
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Follow a consistent schedule in using these products depending on your hair nature and needs.

Products recommendations

You can use natural products that do not contain Proteins, Coconut oil, and Aloe vera that Natural rizado brand recommend:

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LOW POROSITY natural hair for curly hair products


Do not wash your hair with cold water.

Do not use products that contain Proteins, Coconut oil, and Aloe vera.

Do not use sealing oil if your conditioner already contains sealing oil.

Do not be exposed to heat

Do not paniculate your hair too much, avoid restyling, retouching, coloring more than needed.

Do not use Indians powder like amla and henna and proteins more than once a month.

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