How To Moisturize Very Dry Natural Hair Fast!

How To Moisturize Very Dry Natural Hair Fast!

Are you using moisturizing hair products to combat dry hair but don't see much of a difference?

A Good Approach to Dry Hair

The first important step towards fighting persistently dry hair requires an understanding of the nature and causes of dry hair...
#1- Dry hair takes time for some to be reversed. 
#2- There are many things that may influence your hair like "the weather”, “stress level”, “lack of internal hydration”, "what you eat", "hormonal changes" and other factors.
#3- Another factor maybe in your hair routine.
How do you apply the products?
Do you apply them in very wet hair ? (Leave in and hair mask).
Then do you seal with an oil? (This is beneficial).


1- Do a prepoo before your washing session with our pre shampoo or any oil like olive oil or babassu oil or sunflower oil. Apply the pre-shampoo on dry hair and let sit overnight or 2h minimum.
2- Wash with a shampoo.
3- I would recommend alternating babassu hair mask with crème brûlée. Use one of the mask and please apply very well. Make sure each strand of hair is coated. For crème brûlée let it sit for 1hr and for the babassu hair mask 30minutes is enough.
4- Rinse very well and follow directly with a leave in conditioner. Focus on the ends. Apply a good amount on wet hair. 
5- Apply the “seal and shine oil” or any oil or butter you have. 
6-Style & let it dry….
Do this routine weekly.


You can refresh your hair and reapply leave in conditioner as well as oil every 2 or 3 days, depending on your hairstyle and hair condition.
To refresh we recommend the following steps:
1- spray the water rose refresher (recommended) or water
2- apply the leave in on wet hair
3- Apply oil or butter or gel and style.
NOTE: If you have a fresh wash and go, just refresh it with our rose water spray or just water. 


Please understand most products are not miracle workers. They work to help your hair stay strong, soft, smooth and untangle. Products won't change your hair automatically, but they can help transform your it.
Most effective way to help your hair it help it change from the inside out. Everything about hair depends on your health, weather, nature, hair routine, diet, hormones, stress. So please try not to worry too much and always remember to take care of yourself.
Remember to always...
Drink a lot of water or tea & stay hydrated.
Watch what you eat because this can also cause massive dry hair.
Be patient and consistent. 
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