Hair styling product/hair gel

Hair styling product/hair gel

 Products that are used to Hair Styling are called hair Gel.  Hair styling products are used To Harden Hair Into A Particular Hairstyle.  These are Becoming Our Needs As You Know Without Hair styling product We Cannot Make Any Hairstyle.  They Make Us Beautiful. hair gel  Help As To Look Good. Here we are going to state the most important truth about hair Gel.

But Is Necessary To Have Good Knowledge Of Gel And Hair Bef0re Using The Gel. Because Problems Of Hair Loss And Dandruff Are Considered Due To Using Cheap Hair Gel. SO When I Asked Too About Gel I Always Recommend Natural Hair Gel. Because Natural Hair Gel Groom Your Hair Health And Your Hair Grow Faster

Hair styling Gel Good Or Bad?

All Products That I Consider Essential And Good For The Hair. But Many People Are Scared Of Using Gels On Their Hair.  Why They Do So. Some People Ask Me Questions. They Want To Know If They Can Use Natural Oils Instead Of Using Gels Because Of Having Their Internal Fear Of Hair Loss.

I Do Not Know Why You Scared Of Using Gels. This Is Exactly My Topic Of Discussion.

Firstly, You Guys Must Know That There Exist Good Gels As Well As Bad Gels. So First You Have To Know Good Knowledge Of Your Hair Type. And Then Secondly You Must Know About The Best Natural Gel. Thousand Of The Gel Is Available In The Market. Now Its Become Difficult To Recognizes The Good One.  Here We Help You To Choose The Best Natural Gel Among The Thousand. I suggest Those Gels That Do Not Contain Sulfate, Alcohol, And Silicon.


A Gel Is A  Product, Often Shunned To Portray An Old School “Wet” Look.

But It’s Good For Guys Who Want An All-Day Hold And Don’t Have Time To Wait To Dry Their Hair First.

Best Applied On Moist Hair After You Shower, As Long As You Aren’t Holding Your Curls.

But Here Is One Another Issue With Gel Is Dreaded White Flake. So To Avoid The Dreaded White Flakes That Often Accompany Gel.  Wash Your Hair Thoroughly First And Use Only As Much Gel As You Need. A Little  Size Will Do., You Can Always Add Later.

We Are Moving To Pomade 

How Do You Know If Gels Or Pomades Are Better For Your Hair Type?

Those who  Have Thick Rude Hair Then Should Lean Towards Pomade.

The Wax Base In Pomade Will Help To Hold Your Style In Place. While The Water Base Will Keep It Looking Shiny And Healthy Look.

And If Your Hair Look Is Dry, Pomade Should Be Your Go-To Choice.

but If You Have Curly And Thick Hair Then Should Use Pomade. It Has A Wet Consistency That Doesn’t Dry Out, And Will Help Get Rid Of Frizz And Shrink Down Hair.”

Bosscher’s Pro Tip: “The Biggest Mistake For People With Unruly Hair Is To Grip Gel To Freeze Their Hair In Place. Unruly Hair Just Needs To Move Freely, So Give It The Opportunity To Do It, With A Little Control. So Far I Recommend Them To Use Gel.

My RecommendationsCustard Is A Good Alternate For Gels. It Is Similar To A Gel But Has More Moisturizing Effects. So, You Can Also Use this. Besides, If You Fed Up With Dry Or Damaged Hair After Applying A Gel, Then It Might Be Because Of Improper Use Of The Product Because Most Of The Product In The Market Are Not Trustable. My Recommendation For Gels Is To Use Those Gels That Do Not Contain Sulfate, Alcohol, And Silicon

But with  conditioning moisturizer

Crème Brulée Deep Conditioning Treatment

hair moisturizing mask
cream brulee

Melting Moisturizer Hair Mask

“Slip – Moisture – Condition – Curl Retention”

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Mode Utilisation:

  • Apply on wet hair section by section.
  • Cover each hair strand with the product.
  • with a plastic cap and let it sit for 30min under heat.

Once a week only.

what to use 

  1. Always Use Natural Gel LIKE cantoo
  2. The Best Method To Apply A Gel Is To Always Apply A Moisturizer Underneath It. This Moisturizer Can Be Natural Oil Or A Leaving Conditioner Or Even A Conditioner.
  3. Take A Small Amount Of Product Into Slightly Damp Hair. Style As
  4. You Should Not Be Afraid Of Using Natural Gels. Just Go On And Try Different Gels Until You Find The One Which Perfectly Suits Your Hair.
  5. I Also Suggest You Start By Using The Cheapest Gels. Because Sometimes Those Expensive Ones Do Not Necessarily Give Us Better Results  That We Need. For Example, Eco Styler Argan Oil Is The Cheapest Gel That I Use.

Cantu Shea  Shine Custard Is The Most Best And Cheapest Custard That I Use. You Can Start With These  Whatever You Find That Is Cheap And Suitable

So, Now, Guys Be Confident You Have Reasons Not To Be Afraid Of Hair Styling Gel. Remember When Choosing Your Gel, You Pay Attention And Make Sure Sulfate, Alcohol, And Silicon Are Not Part Of The Ingredients.

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